Revenue Frontier is a full-service performance marketing agency specializing in Guaranteed Results Media. Leveraging our state of the art proprietary distribution platform REV’d, we help our clients create meaningful connections with their customers while achieving positive business outcomes.


Taft Zitoun CEO
Taft Zitoun CEO

Taft is the CEO at Revenue Frontier and has been in the industry for 15+ years. Throughout his career he has worked with countless advertisers and industry leaders such as Tristar, Proactiv, Beachbody, Guthy Renker, and more. Since becoming CEO at RF, he has helped to perfect Revenue Frontier’s proprietary CPA, Cost per Acquisition, model that has proven to be a consistent winner for both content providers and distribution affiliates like DirecTV, Dish, Comcast, Time Warner, Charter, Cox, and U-verse.  He is an expert in short form and long form media planning and buying and has been an invaluable asset to the team.  In his spare time, Taft enjoys spending time with his family, drinking Diet Coke, and rooting for the Chicago Cubs.


Performance Marketing

From creative and production, to media buying and account management, data reporting and analysis, Revenue Frontier has the proven ability to successfully manage your performance marketing campaigns from start to finish.

Guaranteed Results Media

Through intelligent planning and execution, and by employing the best negotiators in the business, we can effectively minimize risk and cost-per-transaction, while maximizing direct sales volumes.

Content Distribution

Revenue Frontier is at the forefront of video delivery technology and delivers customized solutions for our clients utilizing our 24/7 staffed and monitored video operations hub. At RF we take the complex landscape of broadcast video and create custom solutions for our clients.

Outcome Based Media Planning & Buying

We deliver exceptional outcomes by crafting custom solutions that directly address business challenges. We leverage robust, historical results data across all business verticals and consumer profiles to inform our planning and buying process.

Advanced Demo Targeting

At Revenue Frontier, we have the ability to target your customers by demographic, region, or attributes. We break the black box approach to media because it’s your brand and your money; you deserve to know where it’s going.